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We are now accepting guest posts at Nightwatch blog

Why you should write for us

Because we love unique expert advice, and you will get to share your knowledge with tens of thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Publishing a guest post at Nightwatch blog will get you a precious backlink, boost your SEO and search visibility, drive more traffic to your website, lead to useful collaborations and insights, and naturally, contribute to living a long and happy life.

How to submit an article

You have something to share? Fill out our form to apply for a guest post.

Make sure you have read our guidelines (below) before submitting.

How to choose a topic

The topics we are covering on our blog are mostly related to SEO and marketing and are based on our own — or guest post writers’ — experience. Occasionally, we are publishing articles on entrepreneurship, engineering, and software development.

The best performing formats are a case study and a step-by-step guide packed with actionable advice, tips, and screenshots. We don't accept rewrites: there's already enough noise on the Internet, so let's create something unique and valuable, shall we?

Your article should have a unique point of presenting a certain problem and offer value, aiming to give our readers an inspiring perspective and help them solve problems that they’re facing to improve their business, marketing and SEO-wise.

Mind our target audience: it mainly consists of CEO, marketing, and PPC agencies and entrepreneurs of various expertise levels who are using Nightwatch.

How to pick a headline

Each article should have an engaging and SEO friendly headline. As you already know, listings, humor, and non-cheesy intrigue work pretty well, but don’t overdo. Do send us 3-4 title ideas to choose from.

How to organize an article

All articles should be organized to have a classic, transparent structure: intro, body (with sections and subsections), outro, and a call to action. They should contain, ideally, 1-2 images or screenshots per 1,000 words — all with links to sources. Data, research, quotations, and external content should be properly referenced in the article with contextual links to trusted sources.

Do include formatted links to some of the other Nightwatch blog articles. If it makes sense to mention an article on your own blog as well — go for it.

To prevent unnecessary advertisements, and we allow a do-follow link to your company/business/personal website only in the bio.

The best article length is between 1,000 to 2,000 words.

What to do with tone and style

Engaging and casual with a pinch of humor where appropriate, yet balanced, informative, clear, laconic, and straight to the point. Function and use over form; have any bonus tips, practical examples, educational guides? Throw them in.

How to format an article

  • Capitalize each word in the title, except for prepositions (shorter than 5 characters), articles, and conjunctions
  • Capitalize only the first word in sections and subsections
  • Sections of the article are in h3
  • Subsections inside the sections of the article are in bold
  • There’s no need to mix numbered and bulleted lists within one section
  • If you are mentioning any examples of keywords search queries in the text, do format them in italics, not quotes (e.g., hotels in san diego instead of "hotels in san diego")
  • Emoji — if appropriate
  • An oxford (serial) comma — yes
  • An em dash (—) instead of the regular dash (-) — yes

How to choose and format images

We personally design the cover image for representation in the index page.

Do provide us with the rest of the images (in a zip folder) that will help to give additional context to the reader. They can be screenshots or other relevant images with links to their sources. Each article should have at least 1 or 2 images per 1,000 words.

Images published on the blog should be:

  • Width: optimized for retina screens (at least 800px wide)
  • Quality and format: optimized for the web (in .jpg format (not .png!), saved in “optimized for web” option, with the quality set between 60 to 80)
  • Size: less than 250kb

Each image file should have a descriptive name with dashes as separators. For example, a screenshot presenting Nightwatch SEO Chrome Extension should be named: nightwatch-seo-chrome-extension.jpg.

What to do with grammar and spelling

Fluent English is a must.

We write in American English; in accordance with the target audience (color, not colour; analyze, not analyse). Use The Writer’s style guide and The Guardian’s glossary (where applicable to American English) for the reference. Other helpful resources: Common Errors, The Gregg’s Reference Manual, and The Chicago Manual of Style.

What happens after you submit an article

To gain some extra respect points from our editor, make sure you proofread the article and follow the guidelines above before submitting. We reserve the right to format and edit the article according to our blog standard.

Each article goes through 1-2 ruthless but fair editorial revisions in a Google doc. Sometimes we ask you to make some changes, and that’s alright.

After the article is ready, we distribute it across all our existing social media channels, or most of them (Twitter, Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, Inbound, GrowthHackers), and our mailing lists.